Palate at the Gallery

The art world is a little more at ease now that the cafe facility next to the Lismore Art Gallery has been reopened. The owners Perry and Sally have done a wonderful job in doing this, Sally with great colour selections to bring out the best of the simple clean lines of the timber servery and petitions, and Perry with the compact open plan kitchen. Perry tells me that the feature of the menu is fresh local produce used in creative dishes delivered to the patrons by professional wait staff. Sally has used planter boxes on the parameter to bring the peaceful setting of the wonderful gardens into the Cafe.

They have chosen to use refrigeration compliant with the stringent Californian Energy Standard, Watermarked approved and efficient washing equipment and several gas appliances so as to provide this service in the lowest Carbon footprint manner. It has been most rewarding for us to help Sally and Perry bring this to the people of Lismore and surrounds.

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